Company Information

We are online fabric shop. We only sell online. Our warehouse ships items from 90 west of Omaha in Shelby, NE. I carry a variety of novelty and licensed fabrics. I especially like the farm themed fabrics, like farm animals, farm scenes, John Deere, Farmall and New Holland.  My website has a shopping cart powered by Paypal. Paypal offers secure checkout with any credit card or debit card. Paypal offers financing options as well. I offers free shipping if you order over $150.

About Us

Hi, I am Karen Pandorf of An online sales only company. Our warehouse is located approximately 90 west of Omaha, Nebraska. In 2001 I started selling on eBay as a hobby, from home. I now have my own website with a nice selection of novelty and licensed fabrics to choose from.  My husband farms full time. I was a registered nurse. When the third child was born we decided I would stay at home, with my three young children. That is when I started selling on eBay and I got my website started.

Our Vision

My vision is to continue to provide fast and friendly service with a large selection.

Our Mission

To offer a nice variety of novelty fabrics. I strive to always give friendly, honest and fast service.

Our Projects

I recently brought a longarm quilter and hope to master the art and offer longarm services.


  • Since 2001 I have focused on internet sales and that will continue to be my main focus. Our little town of Shelby, Nebraska only had a population of 700. I do not offer in person pickup we are an online shop only.

    -- Karen Pandorf/owner of efabricshop
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My Team

Karen Pandorf ~ Owner

So far it is just me, myself and I. I am the oldest of 4 children. I was raised on a farm near Gretna, Nebraska. I attended Clarkson College of Nursing and received my BSN. I married a farmer (Phil) soon after gradation. When the third child was born we decided I would stay at home, with my three young children. We reside on our family farm. My children are all grown and out of the house now. So that leaves me more time for sewing and gardening.


Need Help Fast?

Emailing is the best option. It is often hard for me answer the phone.